Friday, August 17, 2018


Yesterday my little family celebrated 10 years of survival and healing! 
 What a milestone.
(Mormon scripture and revelation given to the prophet Joseph Smith from God),
 one of my very favorite scriptures comes to mind as we celebrate this day:
"Succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, 
and strengthen the feeble knees."
 My family was succored every day as we picked up the broken 
pieces of our life and glued them back together.  
Many days my hands were "heavy" with pain, depression, 
heartache, and exhaustion, but my burdens were lifted as my 
children found happiness and love through others when I couldn't. 
I, too, found healing through the love of Christ, siblings, parents, 
friends in church, and strangers.  It has been incredible.  
I know ten years seems so far away, but for me, it has been an
  the ongoing and oftentimes fresh process as
 I still struggle to define who I am, and where I belong in a
very critical world.  Almost every year since the accident, 
I have had some kind of surgery or life-changing event that stirs
 up emotions and setbacks that make it hard to feel "normal".
But really, the last ten years have been so beautiful and so hard
 but have made me a better woman, mother, and wife.

Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies out to dinner
 and around pizza, we discussed the last decade.  
We talked about what we went through and how we got through it.
We recounted the hilarious stories, the amazing parts, 
and the sad memories, too. 
Lottie sat listening as we recounted a past life that
 she never knew, and I am glad.  
She is my miracle, and will one day have her own set of stories to tell.

(It's baby FREDDIE!  Baby Rachel's twin brother).

A few of my favorite nurses and doctors
called me today and wished me a happy anniversary.
  They remember the day and acknowledge the miracles, too.
I received loving texts from family members, friends, and siblings who 
will never forget the day when they received the phone
 call to let them know about the accident.
 (And I ruined my sister-in-law Megan's 34th 
surprise birthday party....sooooorrrrrryyyy).
My best friend, Lindsay in Arizona delivered vaNIElla cupcakes to the
 AZ burn unit where Mr. Nielson and I were taken and sewn back together.
I asked Lindsay to tell them of my sincere and humble gratitude and
 love for preserving Christian and me.
Of course, the day would never be complete without acknowledging
Roslyn Kinneard whose husband Doug was killed in the accident.
 My love and heart go to her and her family- and not just today, but always.
August 16th for me is the day of miracles and a day where God's
 hand stretched out and preserved our family.
I acknowledge that I am alive because of Him and I will do
 everything in my life to honor Him and His name.  
Amen forever and ever and ever and ever and with a cherry on top.

Spiritual Enlightenment: With Hand and Heart

(This is toooooooo cute!)

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