Thursday, August 23, 2018

In an Instant.

I have been asked to speak in my church congregation on Sunday.
I am going to share thoughts on teaching about
 Jesus Christ in my home- which is one of my favorite topics.
I've been reflecting on my favorite memories 
as I have mothered and taught my children about Christ.
I can't help but reflect back on my accident.
The accident took so much in just an instant, but over these years
I feel like I have, slowly but surely, reclaimed everything that truly
matters from the wreckage. 
Being a mother is at the top of my list, and I recognize that
Jesus Christ made that all possible through His glorious
Atonement.  He is the only one who can relate to my pain and hurt.
He is the only one who knows exactly how hard I've worked and
how far I've come, and He has never left my side.
Just as I am confident God has a plan for me, I know He has a plan for my
children, and that they were meant to be mine.
I hope I am teaching them the important lesson to love
others as Christ loves them because I know
 what it feels like to feel different, and sometimes it's hard,
and sometimes, it really hurts.
If going through my accident helps my children learn
that lesson, it would make any struggle or
any pain and heartache that I have ever faced seem worth it.

I hope you'll "mug" on your children and those you love
and care for a little tighter today. 
Life can change in an instant. 

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