Wednesday, August 15, 2018

700 pencil caps

Today I took on the gigantic task of supply shopping for back to school.
With two shopping carts, all six of us graced Target's aisles.
(That was one thing I didn't miss last year when we did home school).
The Little Nies each need like 400 pencils 
(mechanical, regular, colored, and fat),
 100,000 sheets of paper (lined, plain, and colored), markers, 
60 folders, 34 binders, 5 stacks of 3x5 cards, calculators, headphones, 
highlighters (3 different colors), 50 glue sticks, 
a specially shaped pencil box, 3 different types of rulers, 
hand sanitizer (non-alcohol), wipes (cotton only), tissues,
 baggies, and 700 pencil eraser caps.
(I might be exaggerating a titch).
It was overwhelming, expensive, and depressing.
Each year back to school shopping does, however, get a little easier 
because my kids are getting older, particularly my girls.
I was able to give Claire Nicholas's supply list, and Jane helped 
Oliver while Lottie and I found what she needed.

As of this very moment, the supplies are all still in sacks
smooshed together in the back of my car- which is a good indication 
of how excited we are for school to begin.

Out of sight, out of mind.

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