Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Beauty of the simple.

I woke up early to my alarm, and outside my window was rain.
Pouring rain!!
It was invigorating!  I seriously jumped out of bed and ran to my window.
(In my perfect world, it will rain more than the sun shines.
 I don't know what that means, 
but I do know that the rain adds energy to my life).
Angus had a grooming appointment early, even before the Little Nies were
awake, so I checked on them before heading out the door-- all still sound asleep.
But I found Lottie uncomfortably asleep on her bed in her room.
 (And when I say "room," I mean hallway since the house 
we rent only has three bedrooms.
And when I say "bed," I mean mattress on the floor- we're 
still waiting on her bed frame to come).
 I fixed her legs, fluffed her pillows, and covered her
 little body back under her covers.
I could tell the dark morning would keep the Little Nies asleep
longer than most mornings- and that was OK.
It was a pretty cozy morning.

 I see her mattress on the ground and think:
"Ugh, ugly, silly, and inconvenient." 
But she may look at it in 5 years and remember how fun
it was sleeping on the ground in the hallway.
That's just the way kids see life.
I want to see it that way too.
As I drove away from the house, I was grateful to be alive for these
small insignificant things; the pouring rain, sleepy children, and 
giant puppy in my car drooling on the windows.
This is what life is about.
This is why we are here.  It's the mundane tasks that make up the
our daily lives, and if we look at everything we do as chores,
or wishing for the perfect,
we will miss the beauty in the simple.

That's all.

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