Thursday, May 24, 2018


Tonight the kitchen was busy, voices bursting with conversation and laughter.
Pizza sat in the center of the counter
 while little bodies in swimming suits moved around, busily
 reaching, pouring, and grabbing. 

In the middle of the noise and almost in slow motion, 
I looked over to Lottie, who sat at the table surrounded by the other children.  
And then it happened: Lottie threw up.
Lots and lots and lots of throw-ups.
Everyone was silent, and with my good arm, I grabbed her as
she continued to throw up.  
I ran down the stairs, where she and I sat in a hot shower.
After, we curled up together on the couch with a white barf bucket nearby
and looked through the photos of the day on my phone.
For most of the evening (pre-barfs), 
I sat by the pool watching the Little Nies swim,
climb trees, and play with Angus.
I am so grateful to the Jones's for opening up their home to us-
throw-ups and all.
And I am grateful that the Arizona heat hasn't been so horribly hot,
and that I own three Dwell + Slumber caftans which
is all I wear these days.
Oh, also, I am so grateful
 for the ginger peach sparkling water at Target.
And in general, I am just grateful for Target.

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