Friday, April 06, 2018

5,823 Miles with Q&A

Mr. Nielson and I sat down tonight and discussed 
 the top 5 QUESTIONS I was asked since our epic RV trip across the country.
Maybe these answers will help you
decide to make your next family vacation in an RV.
Q: Was it worth it?
Mr. Nielson: Yes! When you compare the cost 
against the convenience of RV travel, it's a winner.  
We drive where/whenever we want each day
 without any obligations to hotels or airlines. 
Nie: Yes, of course, it was! The Little Nies were amazing.
They hardly complained, which made the trip painless.
Prepare to stop to do laundry once or twice on the trip.
Also, pack paper goods.  
Q: How did you sleep?
Mr. Nielson: It was cozy and secure. 
 I had some peace of mind knowing we were all together,
 although the sleeping arrangements are partitioned well 
enough for some Mom and Dad privacy if you know what I mean.
Nie: Yes, the privacy thing was tricky- but it had nothing
to do with comfort; our bed was totally comfortable! The kids slept great too!
I wish I had another blanket- or two!  
I think an RV would be a super fun honeymoon trip!
Q: What was it like with a dog?
Mr. Nielson: Travelling with the BBD (big black dog) 
was like having another person on board, 
but I think everyone was happy to have him along
 rather than missing him for 2 weeks at the pet hotel.
Nie: I was sooo grateful that Cruise America allows pets. 
Taking Angus was a no-brainer.
We stopped every 4 hours to stretch our legs and let Angus out.
He was good motivation for us to move around too! 
Q: My husband said flying would be just as economical,
 I really want to try the RV; what can I say to convince him?
Nie: I'll let Mr. Nielson answer that one.
Mr. Nielson: Apples to oranges. If we only had one destination 
with nothing to see in between, then yes, flying is much better and economical, 
plus, I love to fly. But I also like to drive and we
 saw so much more than what would have 
been possible (or economical) if flying.  
Q: Was the RV hard to manage and drive?
Nie: I never drove it, but Mr. Nielson handled it beautifully. 
 He made it look easy, except on day 11 
when the wind in Colorado was treacherous!
Mr. Nielson: It took about 5 minutes to get used to around town,
 and about 1 minute to get used to the interstate.  
It might not be for everyone, 
but most people should be able to handle it with ease.
Where was your favorite place on the trip?
Mr. Nielson: My old missionary stomping grounds, 
including Bardstown, Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown,
 Fort Knox, KY, and Hanover, Madison, New Albany, IN.
Nie: Oh, man! We saw and experienced SO MUCH! I loved the beaches 
in North Carolina! The sand! The shells! The waves!  
It's hard to pick. Visiting Ree's Mercantile was pretty fun too!

My final thoughts:
This was the first time I had really considered this type of family travel. 
Mr. Nielson road-tripped through America several times, 
and wasn't new to this type of vacation. 
Honesty, I was hesitant, but the RV was so comfortable and cozy.  
The conversations we had as a family were unforgettable.
We had some really good laughs and experiences together.
All in all, we went 5,823 miles of pure goodness and memories!
We'd do it again in a heartbeat! (Up north? Canada? YES!).
For more information, check out Cruise

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Teachings from RMN:
Nurturing Marriage, April 2006
"Marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than 
does any other human relationship. 
Yet some married couples fall short of their full potential. 
They let their romance become rusty, take each other for granted, 
allow other interests or clouds of neglect to obscure
 the vision of what their marriage really could be.
 Marriages would be happier if nurtured more carefully."

Happy Weekend!

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