Monday, February 05, 2018

Family Walk & Talk

Yesterday after church, Mr. Nielson and I gathered the Little Nies
 together and we all went on a walk.  
Usually, these Sunday walks are just me, and sometimes
(if I'm lucky) I can get Mr. Nielson to come with me.  
But today was extra special because everyone joined.
Angus led the pack while we walked the super dusty trails
The blue sky went on forever, and the sun was shining.  
We discussed what we learned and felt in church.  
I love listening to my children share their love for the Savior,
 or ask questions about doctrinal principles.
But this walk was different because 
Mr. Nielson and I also had a very frank discussion with
them about our future.
We asked each child to share with us their thoughts and goals 
personally, and what they want to see happen as a family.
We talked about living and working on the ranch.
We talked about their social lives, goals for school, and of course
their happiness.
I think my children are exceptional,
 (I know, I know, every mother says that, and they should!),
but my kids have so much faith, and they are very trusting.
 They have good attitudes and care deeply for each other.
I am honored to be their mother.  I feel a deep sense of responsibility
as I raise, teach, and devote my life to them.
They are going to be amazing adults.
* * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN
Self-Mastery, October 1985
 "Through those early years, we parents are properly concerned with 
physical needs of our children, such as food, clothing, and shelter.
But as you grow older, our concerns shift more toward your
 spiritual growth, in order that you might achieve your full potential."

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