Monday, January 08, 2018

Utah for New Years 2017

After relaxing and recovering from Christmas,
  we cleaned the ranch house and put away Christmas decorations and lights.
  It was sad, really sad. I was not ready yet.  
It didn't seem like Christmas- probably because we didn't have snow.  
So I was anxious to get to Provo; we even brought all our ski gear.
I was excited to teach Lottie to ski! No such luck.  
Dry as a bone in Utah too.
Strange weather out here in the West.
We pulled into the tree streets around 9:00, where both 
Mom and Dad greeted us warmly at the door.
Their cozy little house was warm and welcoming.  
Mom had wassail boiling on the stove, and Christmas
 decorations still glowing. 
The Hygge going on in that house was off the charts! 
  Every corner we turned, there was something magical.  
Just like I remembered my house growing up.
We set up a couple blow-up mattresses in the living rooms and slept like babies.
The next few days were spent with Mom laughing, 
playing with cousins, going to movies, shopping with Clane, 
eating out, and staying up late watching movies.
One evening Dad taught my girls how to make a delicious Norwegian dessert. 
He poured in cream and stirred slowly while the girls
 talked about life on the ranch and how
 they would NOT attend the youth New Year's Eve dance. 
They disapprove of the boys in our area.
(Silly girls!)
 On New Year's Eve, we attended the homecoming of our beautiful
niece Emma who had just returned home from her 18-month mission 
in Scotland/Ireland. She is glowing.

Later that evening, we were invited to a New Year's Eve dinner 
at my brother Jesse's house.
I'll post about that tomorrow. 

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