Monday, January 22, 2018

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A high point of being a mother to two adult-ish girls is our
closet options are endless-except shoes in which
Claire wears a 9.5, I am 8.5, and Jane is a 5 or 6.
(She has mini feet).
We pretty much enjoy the same styles, with a few exceptions;
Claire is more daring, Jane is more conservative, and my hips much wider.
But mostly (except jeans), its always a win win win when
 I buy something because chances are 
I will share the item between the three of us,
a little more bang for my buck if you know what I mean.
 I remember sharing clothes with my sister (Lucy), and we
used to fight all. The. Time.
The girls have occasional fights here and there, but the truth here on 
the ranch is: we sometimes get dressed.
I mean, we get dressed, but it's not always what you would consider "cute."  
Most days, we never see another soul-
I take that back; the girls see friends at seminary each morning at 5:30 a.m.
 but they are usually wearing exercise clothes because after seminary
they go running or hiking or riding either a bike or a horse.
BUT it is essential to look our best when heading into "town"
to grocery shop at Walmart.

And check out Roolee's new organization: A World of Sisters
which inspires women and girls to unite in love.
There is room for everyone- imperfections and all.
I love it.

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