Friday, January 05, 2018

Christmas in Bluewater 2017

 Christmas morning wouldn't be Christmas morning without balloons.  
A tradition my mom started for as long as I can remember
Christmas mornings as a little girl.  
I do it now ( I mean, Santa does it), and so does Lucy.
It's magical and colorful.  
 Mr. Nielson and I stayed up until 4:30 setting up, 
assembling, and wrapping.

 This year the girls got bikes, and the boys got 
motorcycles to match with Mr. Nielson.
The boys were totally and utterly surprised and excited!

Other Christmas presents from Santa included:
11-pack princess Barbies for Lottie, along with an adorable new doll house
Paint easel for Claire
Worm farm for Nicholas
Inferred binoculars for Oliver
Egg incubator for Jane (and her chickens)
Beautiful turquoise jewelry from local Navajo jewelers
 (for me, from Christian)
Motorcycle gear for Mr. Nielson (from me, but mostly him)
Mr. Nielson gave Claire, Jane, and myself each a large wrapped box.
Inside the boxes were several pairs of different
styles and cuts of Wrangler jeans.
When I say "several," I mean thirteen...inside my box, anyway.
 After we opened up gifts, I made buttermilk pancakes 
with whipped cream, berries, and warm maple syrup.  
Then Mr. Nielson took the boys out on the
 ranch for a ride on their motorcycles.
I stayed home with the girls and watched them ride their
 new bikes around the homestead.
Lottie was frustrated since she forgot how to ride a bike. 
 It didn't help that her new bike had hand brakes.
We'll get there.
Later that evening, we gathered together in the living room,
drank hot chocolate and talked about the beautiful day.
Then we all crashed.

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