Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Southwest Christmas Pillows!

I teamed up with Latter-day Home to design
 "Southwest Christmas" pillow line.
They are fresh and modern and with beautiful colors.
The pillows have a Southwest flair (and they aren't just for Christmas); 
they can be used all year round (like I will do!).
You can use SW20 to get 20% off your order,
AND head over to the Latter-day Home Instagram
for details about a GIVEAWAY TODAY!

With three different styles in several colors to choose from,
you really aren't going to go wrong with any decision!
The cross has recently become a trendy design theme but holds
powerful symbolism and meaning to Native American cultures.
The cross symbol means "path crossing" or choice.
This pillow comes in two different colors and will add a pop to your sofa or bed.
I hope it reminds you to accept the adventures God has planned for you,
just as our family has as we moved to the ranch in New Mexico.
Choose red or turquoise.
These tree pillows remind me of strength and beauty as we
stay strong through trials, just like trees do as they grow strong 
while exposed to the elements.
Also very festive this Christmas season.
Pair your colorful tree pillow with this bolster pillow 
with one of my favorite quotes.
Like good timber, we grow strongest through adversity.
This is a quote you can stand firm by!

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