Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2003-2017 Photos

One of my very favorite blog Christmas traditions is to post
 Nielson Christmas photos through the years.  
Starting with our very first card in 2003 
(with a few cards missing along the way, i.e., 2008).
Introducing the Nielson family Christmas photos through the years:

The 4 of us lived in Provo's cute Kiwanis Park neighborhood.
This photo was taken by our good friend on our porch.

We were living in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
This photo was taken by a self-timer in Times Square.

We found ourselves in sunny Mesa, Arizona, where we had added 
another new little man, Gigs, to our clan.

I let my hair grow out, and Mr. Nielson was training for
an Ironman. Our friend, Andrew Bagley, took this photo near Tempe Town Lake in Arizona.

This photo represents so much change and 
triumph all at the same time.
 Taken in an apple orchard in Provo.

This photo was taken by our dear friends
in the gorgeous mountains of our favorite spot in Provo: Sundance.

With the hope of a new baby (I was six months pregnant!),
this photo was taken on our new empty lot that
would soon be Fox Hill in the foothills of Provo.

Taken in a Christmas tree lot, this photo was a delicious
memory, especially with Charlotte added to the family.

This photo represents our family life with Mr. Nielson
as our protector and each child doing something they love.
Then there is me in the middle enjoying every bit of it...
with a fancy green dress on.
Revisiting Sundance, this photo is taken in a large lodge
on the property.

Taken in one of our very favorite photographer's studios in Provo
with pops of pinks, reds, golds, and oranges.

Taken in the fall in the glorious mountains near Park City, Utah.
This is one of my favorite family photos.

With all the girls in sparkles and sequins in front of
sparkly Christmas lights, we snapped 
this photo was taken in downtown Salt Lake City.

Our most recent Christmas photo was taken in Midway, Utah
with the newest edition to the family: Angus.

Merry Christmas!

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