Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Just like that

It was another long (and late) ride home from Arizona to the ranch yesterday.
We rolled through the gates around 11:00.
Then Mr. Nielson and I sort of yelled at the
Little Nies for not helping unload the car
when we pulled up to the ranch house. Instead, they hopped out of the car
 and sauntered inside. Next thing you know, they are making a sandwich
 or changing clothes, maybe a quick shower, you know, whatever they want. 
 It would be fine if we had about 40 servants to bring in their stuff.

Now I'm thinking about home school tomorrow and all the
unloading and washing and unpacking. 
 It's exhausting, but I know this is how it goes.
Before leaving for the ranch, we made a breakfast
 stop at Snooze in downtown Gilbert.
 It's one of my most favorite places for a fantastic breakfast. 
Then we went back to the Jones's house and started
 to pack up but got a little distracted and instead visited Lindsay's 
sister Lexi's alpacas. 
Then Lottie magically (and just like that) learned to ride a bike.
It was quite an eventful day, and that's not even including 
our stop at the Mexican/Navajo restaurant we ate in Holbrook, Arizona.  
Now I am home in bed writing this post, listening to the familiar
ranch wind blow outside. It's good to be home.

 PS...Remember Popples??? I found a legit original 
1986 Popple in Christian's mom's toy closet.
Brought back so many memories.

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