Thursday, November 02, 2017

Back on the ranch

Last night around 11:45, we rolled onto the ranch.
The weather was brisk and windy, and the moon was bright and clear.
Mr. Nielson drove his truck pulling the cattle trailer behind him, 
and I drove our familygator pulling a U-Haul trailer behind me.  
We brought up the cattle trailer and rented the U-Haul because we officially 
cleaned out Fox Hill and said goodbye forever. 
Again, very very bittersweet.
Upon arrival in the thick darkness
I had three sleeping children in my car (including a sleeping dog),
 and Mr. Nielson had two sleeping girls in his truck with him.
We only made two stops, hit one deer, and only watched three movies.
All in all, I'd say it was a smooth ride, and we are glad to be back
 and happy at the (cold) ranch house.
What a wonderful trip to Utah we had!  Utah will always be "home"
for me, and it was really cozy and fun staying with my parents at their
home in Provo. 
The Little Nies especially loved it.
Christmas can't come soon enough!

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