Monday, October 09, 2017

Happy Birthday, Son!

(This is Nicholas- in all of his glory)
Our weekend adventures took us to the Q to celebrate Nicholas's 11th birthday 
and into the glorious Zuni mountains for our weekly exploring Saturday trip.
But today I'll write about Friday.
It's funny how I can't Nicholas up in the mornings for anything, 
but come his birthday, he is up at the crack of dawn
ready to go!
Friday morning, before anyone else was awake,
  Per his request, I made Nicholas a breakfast burrito,
and together in the ranch kitchen, we discussed our plans for the day.
Shortly after that (or because of the smell of eggs cooking),
Mr. Nielson walked down the stairs with a 
present in his hands that he had purchased in Utah. 
 (He got home late Thursday night....technically Friday morning from Utah). 
Nicholas was thrilled that he was home for his birthday.
(ironically, he was here in New Mexico to work the cattle).
He finished his work in Utah just in time Thursday afternoon and drove
 the 9 hours back to be here for Nicholas.   What a guy, what a dad!
After breakfast clean-up, we piled into the car and headed to the Q for the day.
Nicholas wanted to see a movie and eat Sushi.  

On the way to town, I shared the details of the day I had Nicholas.
(Well, not all of them), but I started when I went into labor while
watching "Lost" with Christian and his brother Peter.
I told them how long labor went for when the midwife showed up,
and how we were so shocked to have another boy!  
I told the Little Nies why I decided to name him Nicholas;
besides being a cute name, I liked the alliteration of Nicholas Nielson.
I loved that we gave him the middle name Jones after my papa Jones and that his
initials would be "NJ," like the state of New Jersey 
where we were living when he was conceived (TMI?).
And lastly, I have a really wonderful cousin that
I love whose name is also Nicholas.

When evening came, we drove back to the ranch and into the
 beautiful sunset, and I am certain only New Mexico can produce.
When we got home, we ate the leftover popcorn from the movie earlier and
 snuggled together in the loft to watch "Midnight Lace." 
 I know its name makes it sound like a very brow-raising movie, 
but I assure you it's not. 
 It's Doris Day and Rex Harrison, for heaven's sake!  
 I watched it with my mom and sister Lucy every October when I was younger.
I will take my copy to Utah later this month
so we can re-create the good old days!
Sunday evening, after our dinner (and monthly family fast),
I made Nicholas a 3-layer "Brucie cake" (thanks, Matilda).

  It actually turned out amazing, even
though Nicholas only had about 2 bites.
Happy Birthday, son!!

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