Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First day of school...again

Today was the official "first day of school" (home school) for Lottie and Gigs.

It went fine. To be honest, I felt a little overwhelmed as I tried to
balance my time with my patience.
There is a nice learning curve for all of us involved.
 I see the joy and satisfaction that will be developed as we 
continue each day together.
I have decided to use the curriculum by Jenny Phillips called:
The Good And The Beautiful.  It's wonderful and easy to use and navigate.
The lessons are informative and simple to teach and organize.
A few rules we set for our new school experience include:

-We will be dressed and fed before we come to the table to begin.  
(No PJ learning...I'm so mean).
-We will start learning at 9:00 a.m.
-We won't waste time.
-We will be honest learners and enjoy what we study, even if it's not interesting.
-We will always try hard.

I know home school is only for some families.  I would have never ever felt
qualified to do this, but I feel confident now, especially in our families 
new circumstances to teach my two youngest.  
We are learning together, growing together, and experiencing new things together.  
For Nicholas, this new arrangement will be very beneficial for him
 and I can't wait to see him progress and grow.

Claire, Jane, and Oliver are working with counselors as they
set up school schedules through the BYU Independent Study.
Look into it!  It's really an excellent program, and
I am so excited for them!

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