Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Did you see it?

Today we scrambled to get the house ready since our realtor 
wanted to take some photos of Fox Hill. 
About two hours before they showed up,
 Claire decided it was a good idea to empty her whole 
room onto the floor and begin organizing.
I went upstairs to check on the girls, and I
walked into their room, and then I lost it.
Everything she ever owned was in a massive pile 
in the middle of her room.
After I "expressed" my feelings, I walked out of the room and heard
Claire said to Jane:
"She had fire coming out of her mouth; did you see it?"
Then they giggled and giggled.
But they finished their room just in time and vacuumed when
the photographer rang the doorbell.  We did it!
Mr. Nielson must have carried 500 heavy boxes to the basement for me,
which means that I must have packed up 500 boxes,
and our beautiful Fox Hill is now officially for sale.
I took the Little Nies out to dinner and ate it at the park.
We laughed about how uptight I was today
and lamented about selling Fox Hill, but we also 
talked about how excited we are to move too.
Lots of emotions.

Happy August!

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