Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beauty for Ashes

Nine years.
It's been nine years since our airplane accident.
So much has happened since that horrible hot day in August.
But that horribleness has turned good, and the change has been good.
I am grateful for a husband loyal to me and our marriage.
I am thankful for my children, who have encouraged and helped me find: me.
I am grateful for my family, who was then and is now so supportive.
And I wish to thank God, who has preserved my life and
 brought me back from the dead.
I gave a devotional to the students and staff of BYUI last October entitled:
Beauty for Ashes.
You can read (or watch) it HERE.
Today my family will take a day off and celebrate life,
and our second chance together.

"So, you see, the legend of the beautiful phoenix 
isn't just a story to me; it's my story and your story.
 If we let the Atonement work in our lives, 
we can be like a phoenix and rise from pain, 
despair, grief, tragedy, and heartache. 
The Son of God makes that possible. 
The Atonement can lift us up in beauty from our ashes,
 as Isaiah promises: "beauty for ashes."

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