Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy 4th of July! 2017

 Happy 4th of July, and Happy birthday DAD!!!
Since my Dad and our country share a birthday,
I decided to honor my Pops last Sunday.
He got the "You're Special" plate, we sang to him, and I made him his
favorite angel food cake with fresh berries and cream.
Sidenote: Lottie was helping me make this Angel food cake- (we cracked 16 eggs!),
 Lottie got a little too close to the Kitchen Aid, and her orange
hair got tangled in the mixer and pulled out a substantial chunk on the side.
This was totally dangerous, and I freaked out.
I am so grateful it wasn't too bad--It could have been way worse.
So, as a result (and since I was too lazy to start over, 
this cake was "sprinkled" with tiny pieces of Orange hair.  ;)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful, safe holiday today.
(Don't get burned or too close to any mixers.).
I am so grateful for this beautiful free land of America in which I live,
 raise my children, and enjoy.  I am humbly thankful for those 
who are serving and have served this country to protect
 the rights I so freely enjoy every day.
(And sunsets, Dr. Pepper, family, and Fox Hill).

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