Monday, June 26, 2017

Fasting as a family

As Mr. Nielson and I prepare to move this summer, there has been much
 prayer and pleading with God around our home and in our hearts.
Pleading for help, praying for guidance as we sell Fox Hill, 
and to help us find the right owner for the right price.
I have a set alarm on my phone for 8:00 every evening and 
when the alarm goes off, Mr. Nielson and I kneel to say our prayers together- 
no matter where we are or what we are doing.  
During prayers last Monday evening, I felt prompted that I needed to 
fast on the next day (Tuesday) to show the Lord that I needed divine assistance
and His help in our plans to move. 
After I told Christian the feelings that I felt during our prayers,
he suggested we should make this a family fast
 and talk to the kids and ask if they would like to participate (except for Lottie).  
We would each take a day to fast and carry the load to show
extra faith in the Lord.
This would require lots of patience and prayers for the one fasting
 as only one family member would be fasting while 
everyone else continued with everyday activities, namely eating.
We brought it up in a family council, and all the Little Nies were on board.
To make the deal even sweeter, we told the kids we would take 
 each out for a treat once they had completed their fast. 
I fasted Tuesday, while Claire took Wednesday, Jane on Thursday, Oliver on Friday, 
Nicholas on Saturday, and Mr. Nielson pulled up the rear on Sunday.
Each Little Nie picked a spot for an after-fasting treat.
In the car, on the way, 
I asked them how they felt while they fasted.
I wanted to know if they had any spiritual impressions or thoughts.
Each child independently told us about moving a few things.
Claire told me that,
"it just feels right."  
"What part," I asked.
"Everything. The move, the fast, the change."
Now we wait for miracles, and they will come.  
They always do.
"There are times in life when we need more than simple prayer can provide, 
and fasting is another tool we can use to bring ourselves closer to Heavenly Father 
and receive in the blessings He has for us.
When we are seeking guidance and answers to our prayers, the Lord expects us to
first do our part-all we can do-
before He provides answers or relief for the challenges we face.  
This can be hard, but it can be viewed as evidence of our Heavenly Father's 
love because it allows us to grow and get the most learning
out of every experience.
Families, including children ages eight and older, 
are encouraged to go without food and water for
two consecutive meals in a 24-hour period." (fasting)

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