Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Music She Makes

Last night the Little Nies and I supported (and beamed with pride) 
as we watched Jane fiddle away at her last 8th-grade violin concert.
She has been in orchestra all throughout junior high and has done wonderfully!  
She has been completely dedicated to practicing every day-
which really impressed me.
Each day after school, she comes home and unloads her backpack, 
grabs a snack, and then she and her violin go upstairs near the attic
where she practices away--sometimes for hours.
The music she makes has become the background sound to our home life, 
and I will miss hearing that when we move.  
We are still trying to decide how continuing violin lessons will work
since we will be living in the middle of nowhere.
But we have faith something will work out.
And maybe we are trading different talents and gifts that we have here in Utah
for other talents and gifts that will be developed in New Mexico.
It's all up in the air right now.
Everything seems distant and unknown- except the promptings we feel
and the knowledge that this move will bless our family in ways we can't 
even comprehend.  

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