Monday, April 03, 2017


Oh my goodness, PUNKIN!!!!  
 I can't believe you are actually five!
  I am sad and happy and amazed all at the same time.
I sort of thought you'd be my little girl forever 
and kind of wish you would be.
You know, you will always be my baby, 
no matter how old you are.
 I have some wonderful surprises for you today!
I can't wait to see your big brown eyes light up when we give you that 
weird doll you want that eats and poops playdoh.  
And I can't wait to see you squeal when you see that 
 playhouse I got you (that you have wanted for months and months).
And I can't wait for you to see the unicorn cake my friend Megan made you! 
 I love you, darling Charlotte Christiansdatter Nielson!
Happy Birthday!!!!


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