Wednesday, April 05, 2017

April 3rd

Lottie was born on a brisk, windy Spring Utah morning in 2012.
And today, Lottie turned five on a very similar day.
Probably around 6:00 (before the sun was up),
she jumped on my bed and announced 
in my ear that she was officially five!

We (all of us!!) spent the morning in a balloon-filled kitchen
watching her open up her presents and admiring each gift.

Lottie wanted to "dip cheese sandwiches in tomato soup." 
for her birthday lunch; she also wanted root beer and a cupcake. Easy enough.
 After lunch, Mr. Nielson took us in the car for a delightful ride 
 to the rural areas of town to look
at all the new Spring baby animals (specifically the lambs).

In the evening back at Fox Hill, Charlotte spent the rest of her birthday on the
kitchen counter playing with her new dollhouse and the doll
she wanted that poops playdoh.
Mr. Nielson made Lottie her requested French toast for dinner.
All in all, she had a wonderful, very happy birthday
with her siblings by her side, doing anything and everything for her.
As it should be.
I love you, sweetheart.

You are my miracle!

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