Friday, March 10, 2017

Especially at Dusk

Today Mr. Nielson packed up his truck, and our two beautiful teenagers
Claire and Jane and drove the long nine-hour trip to the ranch.
The girls will help Christian attend to the Mama cows as 
several Mamas still have yet to deliver their calves.
Next week I will drive the rest of us down to meet with the girls and Christian.
I hope there will still be calves to be born; I am dying to see it happen.
But as excited as I am to see the calves be born, I am mainly excited
to be at the ranch (especially at dusk) with Christian and my children.
I am excited to wake up in our cozy corner bedroom 
that overlooks miles and miles of rugged ranch land.
And I am excited for the Little Nies to run wild and work hard.

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