Thursday, February 02, 2017

A Voice

I have been feeling very heavy lately.
There is so much divisiveness and hate, and sometimes 
I think it's so noisy and no one is listening to anyone 
because everyone has an opinion and everyone wants a voice.
I don't share my political opinion much on 
social media because of everything I mentioned above, 
Plus, actions speak much louder than words.

I know that my power and influence is here in my home, and
my children are my first concern and responsibility.
So imagine my frustration when Claire showed me several messages
she received on her Instagram regarding hateful messages about 
our family, our values, and attacking me as her mother.

What kind of coward attacks and bullies children and young kids online anyway?
If you don't like what I say or how I handle my children, my religion, 
 (or pets), please just unfollow me.  It's a pretty easy and painless procedure.
It's funny how society demands tolerance from people but rarely shows it.

Just because we live in a free country with the privilege of
getting to say and express our feelings and frustrations,
(isn't that wonderful?),
certainly doesn't mean we throw all manners out the window
to tear down and belittle others.

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