Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

This New Year's Eve was different; for one thing, Provo was fogged in. 
 There was so much fog we could barely see in front of us, 
which meant we didn't see any fireworks across town from Fox Hill.
That was a bummer.  
Usually, right at midnight, fireworks light up the whole sky from several
towns north, south, and west of us.  It's my favorite.
Also, we didn't have any guests as we usually do, 
which made for a quiet New Year's evening.
But you know, that is how my family rolls.  
We are so low-key and total homebodies!
We did make it out for dinner, and I did wear a crown.
We drove around in the fog and to the lake, where we did some exploring and
 took some cool photos, and I let Lottie take a nice nap in 
the car so she could stay up late with all of us.
I have some wonderful 2017 goals that I hope come to pass. 
 I wrote goals for 2016 and only completed about half of them, so
My goal this year is to achieve my goals.

We did it!  We all made it past midnight!  
We watched the ball drop, screamed really loud out our front door, 
We lit off some fireworks, drank bubblie, and then called it a night.
The Little Nies slept on the mattresses under the Christmas tree with a dying fire. 
Mr. Nielson and I prayed to God to thank Him for a healthy 2016, 
and hoping for another healthy and prosperous 2017!  
And you know, 
I know God hears and answers my prayers. 

Chatting live tomorrow...join me on!
* * * * * 

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