Friday, December 16, 2016

Our Golden Year

Today, Mr. Nielson and I celebrate our golden anniversary...16 years, 
on December 16th!
Here are 16 facts about our wedding day:

1. It was a cold day with snow on the ground.
2. We were married in the Provo, Utah Temple at 10:00 am
3. All my eight siblings and nine of Christian's siblings attended the wedding.
   (Minus one brother, Stephen, who was serving an LDS mission)
4. I designed my dress and had my neighbor 
Vanessa, who is a fabulous seamstress, make it for me.
5. I wore a red shawl, and when my new father-in-law saw me, 
he called me "Snow White".
6. My grandfather (Papa Jones) married us.
7. We ate our wedding cake for dinner later that night.
8. Mr. Nielson picked me up and carried me over the
 threshold of our very old "new" house.
9. We checked into our hotel for the evening, and Christian said: 
    "Mr. and Mrs. Nielson checking in," and then we giggled.
10. Mr. Nielson didn't have a tie for our wedding day (duh)
 and he had to borrow one of my dads.
11. The first time Mr. Nielson saw my wedding dress was on our wedding day
10 minutes before we got married. 
12. We walked to the grocery store after checking in the 
       hotel to get some peanut M&M's and toothpaste.
13. I saw an old boyfriend who didn't know I was married
(there was no social media in 2000!) at the airport on our way to our
honeymoon destination, and he hugged me.  
It was super awkward for everyone.
14. We listened to 80s love songs in the car on our way to the hotel.
15. I carried Nana's white clutch to keep my lipstick and tissues in.
16. We promised to put God first in our lives and be fiercely loyal to one another.
Today my, Mr. Nielson and I will spend our golden anniversary at the Homestead, 
the same place we had our wedding luncheon.
I love you, my sweetheart.  Happy anniversary!

 Spiritual Enlightenment: Marriage

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