Friday, December 09, 2016

Christmas In The City

 Last night, Mr. Nielson and I packed everyone in the car and drove to
the colorful and busy Salt Lake City to have our family Christmas photos taken.
We've been taking pictures each year with Tyler and Wendy 
(Blue Lily) since 2008.  
They're practically family!
After our stylish photo shoot, my family and I walked around the city,
 enjoying the beautiful glittering lights and light snowfall.
We stopped and had dinner with hot chocolate plus two cups extra;
one to give to a city performer on the street,
and one to a policewoman protecting the streets-
both much deserving of some Christmas cheer.
Tonight, as we knelt down and prayed together, we 
thanked God for our warm beds, good food, the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ, our health, good friends, our safe neighborhood, 
our freedom, and the traditions and memories we make each day together.

* * * * * * *

What we are doing:
Inviting a wonderful older woman in our neighborhood for dinner.

Yesterdays Theme:
What we did:
We prayed for several people, like
our family, friends, church leaders, strangers, and government leaders.
I believe in the power of prayer.
* * * * * * 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Spiritual Enlightenment: Peace in This Life.

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