Friday, October 21, 2016


 I downloaded the newest version on my computer last night.
And it was taking like 500 years to update all my photos, 
so I can't blog about my fantastic day hiking with
 Christian and my Little Nies because, of course, I need my photos.
The last time I checked on its status (about 40 minutes into the update),
 my photos were only 4% downloaded.  

So here is a photo I have sitting on my desktop:
Lottie watching a Halloween movie.  

We have been watching a lot of TV lately.
And we have; it's Fall Break, and the girls and I watched the entire Poldark
season 1- in one night. And now we are all caught on season 2, too.
We might be slightly obsessed... OK, I'm totally obsessed.  
If you are not into it, WATCH IT. NOW!

Happy weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: "Abide in My Love"

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