Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend I Took the Little Nies to Heaven.

 I took the Little Nies for a ride through 
the gorgeous Utah mountains to see fall color.
I told them to keep their "eyes peeled" (that is what my dad says)
for the most magical spot off the road where we could stop.
Once we came upon a little turnoff alongside the road,
the kids screamed for me to pull over.
I parked the car, and we jumped out and
 began exploring and hiking- it was incredible!
 I felt like my little family was in a snow globe scene-
except with beautiful fall leaves (and not snow).
Idyllic is the best word to describe the moment.

On our ride home, we listened to Claire's "Fall Mix."
Claire reminds me of myself so much when I was her age, and
every day, I am more and more convinced that if I were 14,
we would be best friends.

Happy Monday!

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