Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Can Feel It In The Air

I can feel it in the air.  Fall.
Mornings are chilly, and in the evenings
I open the windows to let the cool breeze flow into Fox Hill.
The evenings poolside are becoming less frequent, and that makes me sad, 
but the mountains are beginning to pop with color, and that makes me so happy!
Today during lunch, Lottie and I discussed what
 she is going to be for Halloween...still undecided.

My body has been achy lately, and I think it's because the weather is changing.
My fingers hurt, and my skin feels tight.  
Sometimes I feel claustrophobic in my own skin, especially when
it feels so tight that it hurts to walk and move or even get out of bed.
Thank goodness for my children.
It's important that I am present in their lives, which forces me to move so I can
care for them and their needs-- even when I don't think I can.
They encourage, inspire, and support me and 
they don't even know they are doing it.
So that works out pretty great.

* * * *

I am chatting today...would you join me?

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