Monday, July 11, 2016

Not Yet

Who else feels like the weekend was too short?  
This week my family will come to Fox Hill to celebrate
my brother Topher's birthday.  
Yay, Toph!!
Also, this week: a night out with old friends,
youth conference for the kids and leaders (me) at church,
washing sheets, grocery shopping, and working at the MTC.
Also, I promised a library visit with the Little Nies, 
and I am sure every chance we get we will spend in the pool.

I am starting to get back-to-school magazines in the mail.
It makes me mad.  NOT YET, I say!
  They go from the mailbox straight into the trash.
Maybe, maybe at the beginning of August, we will talk about back-to-school 
But please, for the love of Pete, NOT YET!

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