Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Happy Birthday America! 2016

It was a wonderful, typical 4th of July!
This morning, I turned on a playlist called "Let Freedom Ring" while
Christian made his homemade waffles; it was a perfect morning.
Around lunchtime, we headed to my parent's backyard, 
where, along with America, we celebrated my dad's 72nd birthday.
My brothers always set up a slip-and-slide, and we
 spend hours watching the people (old and young!) slide down the 
slick path over and over again. It never gets old.
After having lunch, a few of my siblings and their families 
visited my house to swim the rest of the afternoon away.
It was a relaxing and easy day, just as holidays should be. 
Unfortunately, my bottom lip is covered with a huge cold sore,
 which makes me feel miserable. 
I hate this rotten curse!

 We had dinner on the porch and waited for the city to light up with fireworks.
At one point, we saw over 80 large bursts
 spanning several cities in our view.
My older girls and cousin Lydia are outside right now (at 12:12 a.m.), 
are STILL swimming with occasional fireworks popping over the pool.
They have stretched this wonderful day out as much as they could.
I am honored to belong to this beautiful country.
I hope my children will understand and honor their heritage.
I am grateful for the men and women who fight to preserve my freedoms.
I am really, really proud to be an American.

 Another great day for the books.

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