Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Further Still

The Little Nies have set a goal to hike Sqaw Peak this summer. 
It is a beautiful but lengthy hike that passes through one of 
Provo's most beautiful canyons. 
Today, we started our training. Some of the Little Nies 
enjoy hiking more than others, so I try to be considerate 
and hike fairly slowly to accommodate everyone. 
To be honest, I was worried about Nicholas making the hike. 
However, he surprised me with his performance. 
If he lagged behind the rest of us, it was because he was 
busy studying rocks, trees, and the nearby river for 
any bugs and creatures. 
He is obsessed with nature.
(I love this picture of Nicholas in the back of the Nies
picking up potato bugs and rolling them down the hill)

At the top of our hike, Nicholas's hands were filled with small bugs,
worms and snails still stuck to mossy rocks.
Tomorrow, we will go a little further than today,
and so on, until we get to the top. I know we can do it!
On the way home, we talked about the world we live in and the 
hardships we are faced with daily.  
We talked about politics and what God must be thinking about His children.
I couldn't answer all of their questions.  
I don't know the reasons for hardship, pain, trials, and tragedies.  
But I can confidently tell them to hold fast to the commandments,
live by the morals and standards God has set, and keep the lines 
of communication open with Him, and they will be OK.

 I absolutely know that to be true.

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