Tuesday, May 03, 2016

When Green Becomes Tomatoes

My very favorite children's books are the ones about the seasons.
I love pumpkins in Fall, bunnies and rain puddles in Spring, 
watermelon and fireworks in Summer, 
and snowmen and holly berries in the Winter.
I relate to these books because they remind me of my childhood.  
They take me to a happy and safe place where time slows and 
sends waves of nostalgia in me, so powerful that I can almost smell it.
I was so excited when Julie Fogliano sent me her beautiful book of poems called
"When Green Become Tomatoes," which is all about the seasons.  
Lottie and I have read and re-read it several times.  
I've also sat down with my girls and read the book to them-
(I love reading books to my children- no matter their age).
"you can taste the sunshine
and the buzzing
and the breeze
while eating berries off the bush
on berry hands
and berry knees"

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