Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Owned It

Today,  Lottie and I had about three hundred errands to run.
Lottie is always my trusted buddy, patiently coming along for the ride
because she obviously has to.
I usually end our errands at the bread store, where Lottie can pick up
 her favorite pumpkin chocolate chip bread as a reward for being such a good girl. 
Today, we went to the store during the busiest hour,
 and it was pretty crowded.
Lottie was clearly done. Done with errands, done of waiting around for me, 
done of getting in and out of her car seat every ten minutes. DONE.
On top of that, she had to tinkle so badly.  
As I was conversing with the cute girl behind the counter
 Lottie crawled under my skirt.  
Just as I handed over my debit card, Lottie climbed out from under 
my skirt and lifted it up well over her head and my backside.
"LOTTIE!" I yelled 
and quickly turned around just in time to see a 
young man quickly shoot his head down and awkwardly look at his phone.
For a split second, I thought about ignoring the whole situation, 
grabbing Lottie's hand and my bread, and getting the heck out of there.
Instead, I owned it.
I turned around with a bright red face, laughed, and waved to the crowd behind me. 
The man smiled but wouldn't look up from his phone. 
I laughed hysterically for hours after the incident and even louder 
when I retold the story to the Little Nies when I picked them up from school.
What would I do without Lottie?

* * * * 
* * * * * * * 

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