Friday, April 22, 2016

Paint Away

Lottie has been incredibly patient with me over the past few days 
as I have spent the entire day sorting and organizing in the dark basement. 
She is pretty content anywhere as long as she has a table, paints, paper, and markers.
 I arranged a small area near the window where she's been painting all day. 
She must have completed fifty pictures today.
I love them all so much.
They are colorful, happy, and creative.
Just like her!
I just can't bring myself to throw any of them away, 
so I keep them all in a pile in the kitchen. 
The best ones are kept in her room, and she tapes them all by herself. 
Her room is awesome, filled with her best drawings. 
They're mostly of flowers, baby chicks, pigs, and me.

Happy Weekend!
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