Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let's Do This

Another week has begun, and I will devote my time to organizing the garage.
I am so happy to report that I donated over 30 sacks of 
clothes, toys, and other home goods.
I have had family members and neighbors visit me at Fox Hill 
to collect furniture and other items that I wasn't using. 
Recently, my nephew Van and his wife Amy, along with their adorable Great Dane, Dre, 
have been preparing for the arrival of their first baby girl this summer. 
I was happy to donate some of my baby items to them. 
It was a bittersweet feeling as I handed off things like the swing, baby tub, 
and Bjorn carrier. 
The thought of whether I am done having more children 
of my own is something I cannot confront at the moment. 
I will think about it tomorrow.
Another plus to my hard work is seeing the Little Nies utilize 
and love the empty (clean) space in the basement.
Indoor soccer, riding bikes, and scooters have opened up a 
lovely space for the girls to dance in their fancy dresses in the basement.
Let's do this.

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