Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday Charlotte Dear...

Today, we celebrated my baby dolly Lottie!
As I have mentioned, she turned four on April 3rd, but we 
celebrated it today. 
A unicorn cape is a must-have for a four-year-old.
Lottie unwrapped the cape, discovered it was a unicorn, 
put on the cape, and didn't take it off pretty much all day.
We visited the grocery store, and she kept that baby on the whole time.  
I asked Lottie where she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner, and she 
told me "chippies," the Nielson nickname for Chipotle.
(Which was a sad disappointment tonight.  They were out of forks
and black beans. BLACK BEANS? What Mexican restaurant runs
out of that staple??) 
Lottie helped me make a double chocolate cake, which apparently 
was way too rich for the 
Little Nies, since they each combined, probably ate one slice. 
Happy birthday, sweet Charlotte, 
you make us all so so happy!
  PS. What is a birthday without balloons-
especially unicorn & rainbow ones.

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