Thursday, February 04, 2016


A few days ago, my brother Matt texted me to see if I 
wanted to go snowmobiling with him.
This past week, Provo has been dumped on with magical fluffy snow.
Tons of it.
I was willing to do anything and everything to go out for the afternoon.
Amy took Lottie and Christian, and I took the day off.
We took the machines up Squaw Peak and roamed around the mountains.  
The weather couldn't have been more ideal.  
There was at least 5 feet of fresh, untouched powder,
 blue skies and freedom to roam.
It was amazing! AH-MAZING! 
{You might remember Squaw Peak from my 4th of July post HERE.}
I am amazed that I live ten minutes away from these glorious mountains.
I can look out my back windows and behold their glory.
Feast your eyes on Utah's beauty:

 Tonight, I overheard Nicholas asking for brotherly advice from Ollie
 about how to get a girl to be his Valentine.
Oliver said, totally serious:
"You've just got to be a man and do it."

I think I've taught him well.

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