Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Nielson Snow Day

We went to bed Sunday night with a thick white cloud hanging over our city.
The snow started falling late Sunday afternoon and 
didn't let up until Monday around dinner time.
And as I climbed into bed Sunday night,
I knew we would be in for a whopper of a storm.
Sure enough, we woke up to snow.  Lots of blessed, happy snow!
I declared the day to be a Nielson snow day!
I kept the Little Nies home from school.  
I didn't want to drive in the slippery snow 
(especially down my driveway) in my car, plus this magical
 snow needed to be enjoyed all together.
We got our snow gear on and walked through the Tree Streets.

I remember walking with my siblings and cousins down the same streets
in snow gear twenty-five years ago as children. 
I literally walked down "Memory Lane" this afternoon with 
my five Little Nies in tow.

After a full day of playing in the snow 
(and when Lottie's fingers began freezing), 
I took the Little Nies to get Cafe Rio for lunch. 
  It was a perfect day to end our afternoon.
As the day ended, the sun popped out of the clouds,
and a little bit of blue peeked out.
It was a really beautiful day all around.

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