Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Looking Back and Seeing Pumpkins!

 I didn't get the chance to write about the days leading up to Halloween, 
which is my favorite time of the year! 
So, I need to go back and write about it.
 A week before Halloween, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies 
to a nearby grocery store, where we found some of the
 most perfectly shaped pumpkins. 
In early October, Jane and I were driving past a small pumpkin grocery patch 
when I noticed the perfect pumpkin. It was round, 
large, and had a beautiful, vibrant orange color. 
We drove past it a few times before I decided to hide it in the 
very back of the patch, hoping it would still be there when we returned 
later with the rest of the family. Unfortunately, when we came back, 
it was already gone. Someone really got lucky! 
(I should have just bought it right then!).
But don't worry, we managed to find another pumpkin 
that was almost as adorable as the first one.
The Little Nies loved searching for their perfect shaped and sized pumpkin.  
And for Jane, 
it was all about finding the perfect stem.
The next day, the girls and I glued and sewed and prepared their costumes 
for the big Halloween day, and I only burned my already-burned 
fingers 20,000 times on the glue gun.

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