Friday, November 06, 2015

Halloween 2015

As the spooky season arrives, the Nielson family 
eagerly prepares to celebrate Halloween 
with our long-standing traditions from 
carving pumpkins to dressing up in costumes.
This year, the Nielson home is filled with excitement and anticipation!
For example, Family Halloween dinner is served on the same 
pumpkin place-mats, and my famous chili in pumpkin bread bowls.  
 We always drink root beer with dry ice in our silver goblets, 
and on the table are the cooked pumpkin seeds I baked from the 
Little Nies pumpkins that they carved earlier that day.
Also, what would Halloween be without
Sweet Tooth Fairy chocolate cupcakes for dessert?!
(I added the candied butcher knives.
As Garfield would say, "Nice touch").
Early this morning, the Little Nies carved pumpkins 
outside while enjoying the hot chocolate that Claire made.
I noticed they were struggling to carve pumpkins in the freezing cold, 
so I prepared a bowl of hot water to thaw their fingers.

This year, for Halloween, the girls choose to be the sophisticated  
Day of the Dead skeletons.
The boys wanted to be army medics, and Little Lottie was the Queen of Hearts.
(Thanks to Justin Hackworth for the Halloween photos)

Claire, 14

 Jane, 12

Oliver, 10

Nicholas, 9

Charlotte, 3
During the perfect weather, we went trick-or-treating 
on our tree-lined streets after dinner. 
I had to pinch myself a few times during the evening as I was sure I was in heaven.
I am positive that in heaven, we will have gorgeous trees with 
colored leaves, light breezes, and trick-or-treating.  
I think 2015 was my favorite Halloween yet....but then again, I think I said that
last year and the year before that, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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