Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dr J....Thank You

 Since October is breast cancer awareness month, 
I was honored to be invited by Dr. Mark Jensen 
to speak at his annual luncheon for breast cancer survivors.
It was great getting to speak alongside the amazing Mia Love.
Dr. J holds a luncheon every October for the many women he has
helped and who have undergone surgeries and overcome breast cancer. 
It was quite a sight to see so many beautiful women 
who are surviving and thriving.  
Dr. J and I have been "seeing each other" for nearly 6 years.  
He has helped my quality of life and has performed 
quite a few of my burn reconstructive surgeries.
I began my message to the audience by sharing a bit of information:
Dr. J is probably the only other man besides Mr. Nielson 
who has seen me completely naked
(I say probably because I'm not sure what other doctors have seen me
in my birthday suit... Dr. L? Yes, probably him too...)
I thought that was funny.
Dr. J,
You are a fantastic man. Thank you for what you do for
the hundreds of women and the many thousands more you will one day help.
Thank you for what you do for me.
You have been present for some of the happiest and most epic moments 
of my life, and I love you for it.

Like here, when you took photos for me 
minutes after Lottie was born:
And then hanging out with the Little Nies in 
the hospital hallway while they bathed Lottie:


PS...This is my favorite photo of you:

You can read about the luncheon HERE.

* * * 
Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a one-on-one 
private chat today from 10 to noon MDT.  
Come talk about the Mormon faith and any other questions you may have.  
These chats are private, and anyone is welcome!
Let's chat Here.

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