Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Since school has started, Lottie and
 I have resumed our best friend buddy-ship.
We are doing everything together again.
Of course, she is thrilled when "the kids" come home from 
school, but I think she loves all my attention and our adventures.
For instance, this past week 
we've painted, made treats, organized closets, picked flowers,
changed sheets, repaired and taped up some of our favorite storybook pages,
Yesterday, we went through her clothes and got out her warm sweaters.
We talked about Halloween and pumpkins and why her summer sandals
no longer fit her.  We also talked extensively about her best friends;
 Ada, Margot, and Ruby. 
I came across this photo of Lottie that I had taken at the Briar house in late August.
 I totally remember this day like it was yesterday.  
Two years older now, toilet trained, with more hair and 
bigger, cuter vocabulary; Lottie certainly has grown up since that day.
The new owners of the Briar house generously let us sneak into the
backyard to recreate the same photo under the beloved peach tree
burdened with gorgeous fruit.  
Time is flying by.  
Before I know it, I will be taking her first day of school photo.

* * * *
{Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a chat room again today 
(and every Wednesday) from 9 to noon MDT.  
Come talk about the Mormon faith and other questions you may have.  
These chats are private, and anyone is welcome!
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