Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Triumph.

The father of my children, Christian aka Mr. Nielson can still 
make my heart burst when I think about him.
Even after almost 15 years of marriage.
Last weekend Mr. Nielson and I went to
 Park City, Utah where I spoke at a retreat.  
The room mostly consisted of women, 
with a few men sprinkled about the tables.  
There in the front row was my Mr. Nielson.  His eyes beamed at me as I spoke.  
I don't really get nervous sharing my story to crowds, but having 
Mr. Nielson there on the front row is always so comforting and reassuring as I share
our life and our story, and our tragedy, and our triumph.

He is the first person I see when I wake up, 
and the last person I see when the day is over.
  He is my best friend and my other half.  
We share everything in full confidence and love.  
We are genuinely concerned for one another every minute of every day, 
and when anything happens to me good or bad, 
he is the first person I want to talk to about it.

I want to tell him everything that is happening in my life,
even the very ordinary things like, when I had my first
delicious peach of the season, or when I stubbed my toe and it hurt and
I said a bad word.
Or when I get a nice e-mail or letter from a stranger, or when I get a very mean
e-mail or letter from a stranger.  I want to tell him everything.
He is so respectful and good to me.  
He wants for my happiness and to see me succeed, 
so he does everything he can to help me achieve my dreams 
He is gentle and kind, soft and masculine.
If I could wish for anything for my girls, 
it would be to find a companion and husband
who "gives them wings to fly" and helps them grow and develop their talents.
 I want them to have a husband who will respect them, support their dreams
and support them as the mother of their children.
A husband who will never belittle, abuse, and tear them down.
A spouse who will honor and love her as a beautiful capable daughter of God.
Just as Mr. Nielson does for me.

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