Friday, May 29, 2015

Before and

Well, we did it.  Another school year down.
It's bittersweet for me.  I love the summer, the long days, staying out late, 
sleeping in, slowing down, exploring the neighborhood, 
staying in swimming suits all day, and "mom's school".
But I have to admit, I really like the structure that school provides. 
 I'm pretty sure, come mid-July, I'll be ready for my schedule.
and on their last day of school.
They are cute, and I am glad they are mine.

Claire Elizabeth, 7th grade:

Jane Bronwyn, 6th grade:

Oliver Christian, 4th grade:

Nicholas Jones, 2nd grade:

And Lottie for good measure:

Happy Weekend!!!!!!
Need more patience?  I do too. (Spiritual Enlightenment)

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