Friday, March 13, 2015

War Of My Life

Today I listened to a song called "War Of My Life"
by John Mayer.
I listen to this song all the time and when I do, I usually listen to it
really loud because the lyrics ring so much truth to my heart.
Here are my favorite lines:

Come out angels
Come out ghosts
Come out darkness
Bring everyone you know
I'm not running
And I'm not scared
I am waiting and well prepared
I'm in the war of my life

If fear hasn't killed me yet
Then nothing will
All the suffering
And all the pain

Got no choice but to fight 'till it's done
No more suffering
No more pain
Never again

Fight on!

Two years after my accident when I was temporary- but successfully finished
with some urgent surgeries, I took a break from hospitals, doctors,
and therapy to begin living again.  I went skiing.
Skiing was something I desperately wanted to do after the accident.
I worked really hard bending and stretching in therapy so I could go.
But not just go, I wanted to take and teach my children how to ski too.
I did it.
My brother Andrew made a little video for me on my first
ski trip back and used this special song.

Happy Weekend to one and all!
((Do you realize today is Friday the 13th???))

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