Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School Feast 2014-15

This year Mr. Nielson and I both prayerfully agreed on our family theme.
The quote was taken from a talk given by
 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. (HERE)
It's perfect for our family and for this day and age.
{Claire and Jane have already memorized it}.
Thanks to A Vintage Poster for making this gem.
You can personalize your own family theme or
order this very one at the website.
As per tradition, I made each Little Nie a crown and gave them 
each a beautiful glass star.
 The stars had each Little Nies name on it and the school year.
You can order your own beautiful glass star with your family theme on it,
or you can order this exact one HERE.
 Clane was really excited about their stars this year!
I have beautiful children, see below:
{Charlotte Christiansdatter, age 2)
 {Nicholas Jones, age 7}
 {Oliver Christian, age 9}
{Jane Bronwyn, age 11}
 {Claire Elizabeth, age 12}
 Mr. Nielson and I had a few moments together in front of the camera.
I love this man and love the family we have created together.
 All together now:
 Before dinner, I always "gift" the children with a few fun favors.
This year I got the girls some cute goodies from
And the boys got the coolest Lucha Libre masks.  
They. Loved. Them.
{In fact, after dinner they wrestled in their undies and
slathered coconut oil all over them).
For dinner, Mr. Nielson and I prepared:

Grilled Salmon with fresh corn and tomato relish.
Warm white rolls.
Fresh Arugula salad with heirloom tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.
Warm apple pie with creme and berries.
 Here we are unveiling and reading our new theme to the children.
I also had 5x7 laminated theme cards made for the Little Nies
to keep in their backpacks or lockers.
Dinner is served with Umi and Packa, who came for the grub!
 Thanks to Justin Hackworth (and his beautiful assistant Tia)
for photographing this wonderful, spiritual, and happy evening!
If you and your family have a Back to School Feast, 
please use #backtoschoolfeast
Share it on social media and let all of us 
 know your theme, decor, menu, and all the exciting details!


Have a wonderful weekend!!
Spiritual Enlightenment HERE

I have decided to share with you some of the details of the night for your information:
Glass Stars
Lucha Libe Masks
Theme Posters
Flower poms 
Glitter hearts
Clane's dresses
My dress
Lottie's dress
Lottie's shoes
Ollie and Gigs bow ties.

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