Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break '14 Day 2

Today was spent at the beach again.  
I stayed inside the beach house 
with Lottie, who had broken out with a rash.  
Her face looks like an adorable red bulldog, "Spotty Lottie."
It's actually been pretty horrible. Poor baby girl.
I have tried to keep her inside all day, away from the sun.
She wants to go outside so badly, and I try to distract her with games, 
coloring, books, and blocks.
Tonight our cute friends Craig and Mary invited us for dinner and swimming.
The children LOVED every minute of it.  
We roasted marshmallows, laughed at our pets, and ate Mary's banana cake.
Mary has the best house. Mary is also a gracious host.
Other words that describe Mary are:
practical, efficient, happy, and calm.
Later that evening, we pulled back to the beach house
 and put tired children to bed.
I am praying that Lottie will be better in the morning.
Having a sick child is so heart-wrenching.
Happy Weekend!
* * * * * *

 I really appreciate such wonderful friends-most of whom
I do not know- who loves and support me.
It means a lot.

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